YOUR safety & comfort is our main concern

For your comfort and safety all our vehicles are fully licensed and tested every six weeks by The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA). For your further assurance we are proud to be members of the National Limousine & Chauffeurs Association. So if you are looking for a professional limo hire company with a reputation for excellence in service and ensuring your personal safety look no further.

In England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales limousines are all restricted to a maximum of eight passengers no matter how large the vehicles are.

There are NO exceptions to this rule.

The reason for this is that to carry more than eight passengers the vehicle has to be registered as a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) and have a Certificate of Initial Fitness issued (COIF).

However NONE of the American limousines, (Including the large 4wheel drive Navigators, Escalades, Excursions, etc) comply with the requirements and are therefore restricted by law to a maximum of eight passengers

f any operator tries to convince a client otherwise, they should:-

A) Not book with them
B) Inform the Police
C) Inform the National Limousine Association (UK)
D) Report them as illegal operators to the Vehicle Inspectorate on 0870 60 60 440 (option 4)

It is in every ones interest to ensure that the paying public are protected from unscrupulous operators. In the event of an overloaded, unlicensed limousine being involved in a serious or fatal accident, the repercussions could be drastic and the ultimate losers would be the customers and the bona-fide limousine operators.

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